Maryland: Old Line to New Prosperity

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For more than three centuries Maryland has been one of the smallest and richest states in the nation. Its strategic location, excellent natural resources, and diverse geography and economy have contributed to its growth and development. The Old Line State (exclusive of the Chesapeake Bay) covers 9,874 square miles. It is divided into three distinct physiographic regions: a coastal plain, a central plateau region, and a mountainous inland area. Dramatic contrasts between these three regions have given Maryland the sobriquet "America in miniature."

The Old Line state has achieved its position of wealth because successive generations of Marylanders in both the public and private sectors have taken the greatest advantage of the state's rich resources. This brief history of Maryland's economic development offers a glimpse into the careers of these people, in an endeavor to understand how they created the remarkably prosperous and sophisticated system which today's Marylanders are fortunate to enjoy.

2003, Joseph L. Arnold and Anirban Basu, 304 pages, hardcover

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