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Learn a skill from the early days of America, and imagine what life was like in the past, when young girls and boys learned many useful skills to contribute to the family.

Since the time of ancient Egypt and China, quilting has been used to create soft, warm items. Quilting is the technique of stitching layers of fabric over a layer of soft filling, often wool.

Pieced quilts, made by fitting together small pieces of fabric, became very popular. Early American quilts are well known as beautiful works of folk art, and are still being made by traditional groups like the Amish. Many people enjoy making quilted projects based on traditional patterns.

This kit provides you with materials similar to those available in early America, so find a cozy place to work with a friend or parent and learn something new from the past.

Here are the supplies to piece and stitch your own quilted pillow- pre-cut new cotton fabric pieces, thread, pins, a needle, backing, batting, and photo illustrated instructions.

Designed and assembled in the USA. Recommended for ages 8 and up. Some adult guidance needed.

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