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Learn a skill from the early days of America, and imagine what life was like in the past, when young girls and boys learned many useful skills to contribute to the family.

Dolls have been loved by children for centuries. They were easy to sew, soft cloth bodies filled with rags. Scraps of old family clothing could be sewn to make a doll dress. Faces might be sewn or drawn on. Shaker and Native dolls often had blank faces reflecting cultural beliefs.

Dolls were as varied as the geographic areas in which they were created.

In 1759, George Washington ordered from England a "waxed faced baby" for 3 year old child's gift.

This kit provides you with materials similar to those available in early America, so find a cozy place to work with a friend or parent and learn something new from the past.

We have cut ad assembled new cotton fabric, stuffing, pins, thread, yarn and easy photo illustrated instructions.

Designed and assembled in the USA. Recommended for ages 10 and up. Some adult guidance needed.

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