Early American Patchwork Quilts to Color by Susan Johnston

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Colorful patchwork quilts, with block-by-block interplays and repetitions, lend themselves to almost infinite creative possibilities. Noted artist Susan Johnston here offers an invitation to test your coloring imagination on designs adapted from the venerable quilting art.

Early American Patchwork Quilts to Color presents painstakingly researched, accurately detailed, ready-to-color renderings of forty-two authentic early American quilt designs, including Basket of Scraps, Sunflower Star, Split Rail, Clockworks, Lady of the Lake, House on the Hill, Strawberry, Grape Basket, Morning Star, Sugar Loaf, Cross and Crown, Milady's Fan, and thirty more.

Colorists will find hours of pleasure and myriad delights in these remarkable designs — you can achieve three-dimensional and other thrilling visual effects according to the aspects you choose to highlight. In addition, Early American Patchwork Quilts to Color supplies quiltmakers, artists, and craftspeople with a storehouse of inspiration and ready-to-use patterns, and an inexpensive workbook for experiments with color schemes.

A Publisher's Note and captions provide informative commentary. This most unusual coloring book is sure to be a favorite among connoisseurs of early Americana, and will appeal to anyone with an eye for subtle visual harmonies and optical rhythms.  

48 pages

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