Annapolis, City on the Severn

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2012 Maryland Preservation Award for Excellence in Media and Publications, Maryland Historic Trust

2014 Phebe R. Jacobsen Award for Excellence in Literary Arts, Annapolis 1864, the Annapolis Commission on Maryland's 3rd Constitution and the Abolition of Slavery

The story of Annapolis resonates in every century of American history. Annapolis has been home to tobacco plantations, political intrigue, international commerce, the U.S. Naval Academy, ballooning population growth, and colonial, state, and national government. Jane W. McWilliams’s captivating history explores Annapolis from its settlement in 1650 to its historic preservation campaign of the late twentieth century.

McWilliams brings alive the people of Annapolis as she recounts their fortunes and foibles. Be they black or white, slave or master, woman or man, each has a place in this book. With unsurpassed detail and graceful prose, she describes the innermost workings of Maryland’s capital city―its social, civic, and religious institutions; its powerful political leaders; and its art, architecture, and neighborhoods.

Beautifully illustrated throughout, this book chronicles more than three hundred years of Annapolis history. As unique as the city it describes, Annapolis, City on the Severn builds on the most recent scholarship and offers readers a fascinating portrait into the past of this great city.

2011, Jane W. Williams, 512 pages, hardcover

22 color illus., 164 halftones, 5 line drawings

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