The Road to Jim Crow: The African American Struggle on Maryland's Eastern Shore, 1860-1915 By C. Christopher Brown

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Making extensive use of primary sources, C. Christopher Brown has broken new ground and filled a long overlooked gap in Maryland history. Here is the story of African Americans on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, from the promise-filled days following the end of slavery to the rise of lynch law, segregation, and systematic efforts at disenfranchisement. Resisting, as best they could, attempts of the Democratic "White Man’s Party" to render them second-class citizens, black communities rallied to their churches and fought determinedly to properly educate their children and gain a measure of political power. The Eastern Shore's Cambridge, guided by savvy and energetic leaders, became a political and cultural center of African American life.

2017, C. Christopher Brown, 384 pages, paperback

About the Author

C. Christopher Brown is a retired professor emeritus at the University of Maryland's Francis King Carey School of Law. His civil rights litigation ended the system of political apartheid on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

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