Patapsco: Life Along Maryland's Historic River Valley

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The love of place shines through in this documentary effort about a historic valley that saw the birth of industry in Maryland, the nation's first railroad, and the nation's first cross-country highway. This compelling portrait of the region is viewed through the memories of its elders from all walks of life. Through their collective memory, we gain a true sense of the cultural legacy of Maryland's historic Patapsco River Valley.

2009, Alison Kahn and Peggy Fox, 288 pages, hardcover


"Patapsco is a portrait of a region as seen through the memories of its elders, the eyes of a photographer, and the sensibilities of a writer and oral historian. Through narrative and images, it reveals the connections between culture and place, between past and present. Also, cloaked in the regional nature of Patapsco is a larger issue: disappearing American places. This book documents only one region, but it speaks for all those disappearing places and their people whose lives and times have not been documented. Our culture must not let unique American spaces fade to dust. We must find ways to preserve them, if only doing so in the pages of a book." --W. Ralph Eubanks, Director of Publishing, Library of Congress

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