MCHC Acrylic Key chain

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It's Tuesday morning, you're rushing to get out the door and the coffee pot seems to take twice as long to brew as it did yesterday. You put on your coat, get to the door and realize you don't have your car keys. Where are they? You glance around the room and out of the corner of your eye you spot the MCHC bright yellow logo. There! Your keys are sitting on the edge of the counter next to the backdoor. 

Our MCHC key chain features the new exploding logo, inspired by the quilts in our collection. The "M" in the center represents pieces of a pattern coming together but not complete — history is about collecting stories, but more stories are always yet to be told. The logo also radiates out and radiates in, symbolizing the lives we touch and the ideas we bring together.

Size: 1.75"

Design is front and back.

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