Introduction to African American Photographs - R. Kelbaugh

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This is a new edition of the first and only book to focus on the ways for determining the age of vintage African American photographs and researching the people recorded in them, along with advice on their proper care and valuable tips for their collecting. Formats examined include daguerreotypes, ambrotype, tintypes (melainotypes), cartes de visite, cabinet cards, stereoviews, real photo postcards, crayon portraits, celluloid button photos, and gelatin silver prints. Over 140 rare examples from the author’s collection gathered over 50 years are now in full color along with a catalog of helpful archival, print, and online resources for researching these photographs. This is the resource for curators, genealogists, collectors, family historians and those who just want to know about this important part of the American photography legacy. Softcover, 118 pages, 146 illustrations

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