Crossroads School- The Rising Tides of Freedom

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The Rising Tides of Freedom is a product of a collaboration between students at The Crossroads School and staff of Turning Corner Achievement Program (TCAP) at the Living Classrooms Foundation, based on Dr. Jane Donovan's research on the lives and times of Frederick Douglass and Isaac Myers. Using materials she compiled, Dr. Donovan lead TCAP staff in creating a general outline for the Douglass-Myers story. Dividing this outline into smaller sections, instructor Cristina Paglinauan designed research packets for a team of fourteen student writers. Drawing on these research materials, study questions and individual and group discussions the writers created a first draft for The Rising Tides of Freedom. Two of the strongest writers, Susana Carranza and Najee Rollins, where then selected at co-editors.

Written by 6th and 7th grade students of The Crossroads School, Baltimore, MD with contributions from the Living Classrooms Foundation in Baltimore.

94 pages, text and color images, published in 2005

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