African American Leaders of Maryland: A Portrait Gallery By Suzanne Ellery Chapelle and Glenn O. Phillips

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In this book, Suzanne E. Chapelle and Glenn O. Phillips have collected portraits and written short biographies of forty-five Marylanders of African American descent for young adult readers. Included are well known luminaries Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, "Baby Joe" Gans, Leon Day, Lillie Carroll Jackson, and Thurgood Marshall as well as equally brave yet not-so-famous Marylanders like Ann Weems, a fifteen-year-old runaway slave, author Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, physician Louise Young, and Harry Cummings, the first African American to hold public office in Baltimore City. Preceding these portraits of scholars, soldiers, writers, healers, musicians, sports figures, and political leaders is an introduction to help readers of all ages discover the depth and importance of African American history in Maryland. Following the portrait gallery is a list of suggested readings.

2004, Suzanne E. Chapelle and Glenn O. Phillips, 155 pages, paperback

Ages 12+

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