Our Black Heritage Coloring Book

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The Black Heritage series has updated content and a new look. The Our Black Heritage Coloring Book has 24-page reproducible pages, evokes emotion and actually teaches a child something. Coloring is fun, but learning while coloring is priceless. Kids learn interesting facts about African American heroes from the past to the present while using their own creativity to color a wide variety of beautiful, educational pictures.

Each page includes a description of what the kids will be coloring. Some of the pages the kids will be coloring include:

Book T. Washington
Black U.S. Leaders
Colin Powell and
Condoleezza Rice
The Underground Railroad
Martin Luther King, Jr.
NAACP and the Springarn Medal Award
Thurgood Marshall
Tuskegee Airman
Emancipation Proclamation
And more!

24 pages, paperback

Ages: 5+

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