The Pelican Guide to Maryland, 2nd ed. (Used)

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Often called “America in Miniature,” Maryland embraces all that is America, historically, culturally, and geographically. In this newly updated edition, authors Victor Block and Fyllis Hockman guide you through Maryland. They divide the state into nine regions with counties and attractions listed alphabetically. Locations, phone numbers, admission charges, maps, and other pertinent information are included.

Landmarks of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries—historic houses, period museums, restored fortresses, and numerous monuments —echo the events establishing our nation. Annapolis, “the museum without walls,” is an authentic colonial town, and Fort McHenry still stands in Baltimore where Francis Scott Key penned the “Star Spangled Banner.” In Frederick, the unusual castlelike War Correspondent’s Memorial pays tribute to the journalists and artists who recorded the images of the Civil War.

On a contemporary note, attractions such as the National Aquarium, the zoo, and Harbor Circle are wonderful sights for the whole family. Columbia, designed by the Rouse Company as an experimental residential/commercial development, is the “new town” and was built in 1966 by following a completely preplanned design.

Maryland culture is deeply rooted in English ancestry. On Smith Island, you can visit a community whose people have retained their accents and fishing and farming traditions. You can plan to stay on the island overnight as Mrs. Kitching welcomes you into her inn with afternoon tea if you like. Another English tradition is medieval jousting; tournaments are held every summer.

With terrain ranging from oceanfront beaches to mountains, Maryland offers the outdoor adventurer ample opportunities for camping, fishing, sailing, hiking, snow skiing, and more! The final chapter of the guide lists four of Maryland’s unique attractions: Chesapeake Bay, the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, the National Road, and the Mason-Dixon line. A listing of the annual calendar of events completes this comprehensive guide by experienced travel writers Victor Block and Fyllis Hockman.

Maryland awaits. And now with The Pelican Guide to Maryland: 2nd Edition, you can experience the history of our nation, the flavor of our culture, and the diversity of our terrain within the boundaries of one state.

1998, Block & Hockman, 192 pages, paperback

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