The Architecture of Baltimore

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An Illustrated History

From its trademark row houses to Benjamin Henry Latrobe's landmark Cathedral (now Basilica) of the Assumption, Baltimore architecture can rightly claim to be as eclectic, exciting, and inspiring as that of any American city. Many of its important buildings figure prominently in the oeuvres of leading American architects: Latrobe, Robert Mills, Maximilien Godefroy, Richard Upjohn, Stanford White, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe among them. Yet Baltimore's distinctive urban environment also owes much to the achievements of local talents, including Robert Cary Long Sr. and Jr., John Rudolph Niernsee and James Crawford Neilson, E. Francis Baldwin and Josias Pennington, Laurence Hall Fowler, Alexander Cochran—not to mention generations of skilled craftsmen and builders.

Baltimore's architecture rewards close study, and in The Architecture of Baltimore contributors and editors Mary Ellen Hayward and Frank R. Shivers, Jr., have brought together an impressive group of scholars, writers, and critics to provide a fresh account of the city's architectural history.

2004, Mary Ellen Hayward and Frank R. Shivers, Jr., Eds., 397 pages, hardcover

Winner of The 2004 Baltimore Book Festival Mayor's Award of Literary Excellence for Non-Fiction and a 2005 Heritage Book Award given by the Maryland Historical Trust
Winner of the Baltimore Book Festival's Mayor's Award of Literary Excellence

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