Still Life: Images of Antietam

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Featuring 70 duotone images and 70 Civil War quotes, this striking book captures the spirit that inhabits the Antietam National Battlefield. With her adept camera ability, Ms. Casser-Jayne defines the contradiction of America's best-preserved battlefield in evocative often-poignant landscapes that reveal the awkward beauty in the savagery of the killing fields.

2005, H. Casser-Jayne, 152 pages, paperback


"A journey through America's bloodiest day via insightful historical quotes and often poignant imagery." -- Ted Alexander, Chief historian, Antietam NB

"A new monument to those who fought and to those who remember." -- John Howard, Supt., Antietam NB

"This is a book for those who reach out to feel the past." -- Joseph L. Harsh, author/historian

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