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Boxed set of 8 note cards (with envelopes) featuring the dresses of four designers (past and present) from Maryland: Lottie Barton, Claire McCardell, Christian Siriano, and Bishme Cromartie. Each dress is also on view in the 2019-2020 exhibition Spectrum of Fashion.

Set includes 8 cards (2 of each dress) with envelopes, and is packaged in a custom-made box, with item information on the back. Cards are blank inside and each has its item information on the backside.

From the back:

Today, designers like Christian Siriano and Bishme Cromartie carve their own unique paths on a road forged by Maryland-born designers who have influenced fashion on an international scale. They stand on the shoulders of many...the now forgotten Lottie Barton, who styled First Ladies...and industry disrupter Claire McCardell, who helped established the "American Look."

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