Safari Ltd. Farm Fun Pack

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The idyllic image of a farm holds quite a bit of romance in our fast-paced world, but life on the farm was a lot of work. Our Farm Fun Pack includes some of the common farm animals: Rabbit, Dairy Cow, Horse, Pig, Hen, Bull, Sheep, and Rooster.

Characteristics: The Farm Fun Pack has all the sights of the farm without all the smells. It’d be perfect for a school project on farming or agriculture, an educational unit on farms and food, or a farm-themed wedding or party.

Size and Color: All 8 figures in the Farm Fun Pack are painted with realism in mind, from the comb atop the hen’s head to the feathering at the hooves of the Clydesdale. The pack is 4 inches square and the figures are a little larger than nickels.

Recommended Age: 5+

All of Safari Ltd. products are Non-toxic and BPA free.

This history focuses on domesticated animals, as wild versions of some farm animals have been found in the North American fossil record. Rabbits, of course, are native, but cows, horses, pigs, chicken, and sheep were all brought to North America from Europe. Cows and Sheep were first brought by Christopher Columbus in 1493. Horses and Pigs came with the Spaniards a few decades later. Chickens are trickier, but we know that settlers in the new world brought them on ships both for the journey and for establishing farms.


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