Maryland Wine: A Full-Bodied History

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The roots of Maryland winemaking are surprisingly deep. The state's first known vines were planted in 1648, and a later Marylander, John Adlum, established his place as the father of American viticulture. In the twentieth century, post-Prohibition pioneers like Philip Wagner and Ham Mowbray nurtured a new crop of daring and innovative winemakers who have made the state an up-and-coming wine region. Author Regina McCarthy travels through the red tobacco barns of southern Maryland and the breezy vineyards of the Eastern Shore all the way to the Piedmont Plateau and the cool mountain cellars of the west in search of the state's finest wines and their stories. Join McCarthy as she traces over 350 years of the remarkable and robust history of Maryland wines.

2012, Regina McCarthy, 160 pages, paperback

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