Exhibit Catalog- The Baltimore Album Quilt Tradition

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First published for the exhibition of the Baltimore Album Quilt Tradition, held in Japan in 1999 and 2000. Exhibition curated by Dr. Nancy E. Davis.

This exhibit features outstanding examples of the American quilter's art, which draws upon the rich potential of this medium in conveying color, texture, form, and craftsmanship in unique, appealing, and easily accessible ways. The works in the exhibition demonstrate traditions which have their origins in the beginnings of American history, and continue in the present day. The quilting tradition mirrors the evolution of American life, artistic motifs, and innovations in the development and use of fabric over many years. Baltimore album quilts present a unique snapshot of Americana. Made during a time of rapid social change, these quilts portray urban life in the 1840s and the spirit of cooperation of that era.

2000, 131 pages, paperback

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