home. Canvas Tote Bag, Maryland

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Show off your love of the state of Maryland with these canvas totes by Home State Apparel! These prints feature the original home. design - the silhouette of your home state with the word "home." - printed on super sturdy, vintage canvas tote bags. 

The company uses water-based inks and special printing techniques to carefully screen-print our design onto these sturdy, all-cotton tote bags. Simple and elegant, these totes are perfect for carrying books, groceries, your laptop, gym clothes, whatever! 


  • Soft, black ink on light tan canvas creates a versatile bag that is both modern and earthy.
  • These bags are manufactured out of premium cotton canvas with reinforced handles. They measure 20" by 15" by 5". 

The "home." logo is a Trademark of Mischief Makers Local 816, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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