The Underground Railroad: Path to Freedom

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The stories of the Underground Railroad are full of suspense, compassion, and amazing determination. Meet Harriet Tubman, the "Moses" of her people! Meet Henry "Box" Brown, who shipped himself to freedom in a crate! Learn how slaves passed messages and used the stars to guide them. Find out which novel about slavery captured the attention of the entire world. Learn how this "train to freedom" changed our country forever!

A partial list of the Table of Contents include:
A Timeline of Events
Path to Freedom: The Underground Railroad
The Life of a Slave
Free or Not Free?
A Railroad With No Tracks
Moonlight Feels Right!
The Most Famous Abolitionist
There's a Map in the Stars!
Uncle Tom's Cabin
And Much More!

28 pages, paperback

Ages: 9 – 14, Grades: 4 – 9

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