Civil Rights Coloring & Activity Book

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Kids will meet the brave men and women who fought for equal rights. They will learn about their difficult struggles and celebrate their victories. And, they will see how the Civil Rights Movement truly changed America!

Some of the important people to discover in the Civil Rights Coloring Book include:
Jackie Robinson
The Tuskegee Airmen
Linda Brown
The “Little Rock Nine”
Rosa Parks
Ruby Bridges
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Coretta Scott King

Some of the important events in the Civil Rights Coloring Book include:
The history of the civil rights
Montgomery Bus Boycott
Freedom Rides
March on Washington
“Freedom Summer”
Equal Rights

The Civil Rights Color Book activities include word search, maze, matching, double trouble, draw half the picture, connect the dots, and decipher the code.

24 pages

Ages 6+

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