Baltimore's Packing & Canning Industry

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After years of extensive research, Jane Sears has completed her book on the Baltimore's Packing and Canning Industry, the city's second largest industry in the late 1800's and early 1900's. The book begins in the first half of the 19th century with the industry pioneers and goes up to 1940. The largest chapter in the book, is a directory of the companies and owners doing business in oyster packing and canning as well as tin can makers and other supporting businesses, their locations, dates of operation and as many brand names as could be found. The author used city directories and other resources to get as much information as possible about this very important industry. Included in the book are illustrations of packers and canners company owners, buildings, trade cards, bill heads, letterheads, statements, advertisements, envelopes (advertising covers), labels, badges, oyster express train schedule, revenue stamps, trademarks and more. There are also illustrations of over 130 tokens. This book is highly recommended for Baltimore historians and is a great resource for those interested in genealogy, the history of the packing and canning industry and for collector of items associated with the industry.


By Jane Sears, paperback, 200 pages

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